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Issue 50: Lo-Fi Summer

Aug 15, 2022

Written by Nir

It’s another warm Monday in August! If you’re part of the back to school crowd, we’re wishing you the best of luck as you head back. Don’t forget to keep your creative disciplines going in your free time! It’s easy to let the “grind” throw us off the tracks. Even if it’s just 20 minutes a day on your craft – you’re still growing in skill. We’re adding a new Creator News section to the newsletter to keep you up to date on the latest news each week. Every week, different platforms keep adding new features – and it’s hard to keep up with all of them! So, we’re gonna keep you in the loop. 🙂


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Creator worth knowing ✨

How often do you want to visit the world within a piece of art? It’s the attention to small details that really drag me in, like cracks in the pavement, graffiti on a wall, or the decrepit shops that may or may not be open . . . What’s the story of this small block?

A botanic felony

Peter Jojaio focuses on works of art with many surreal elements. Is the place in the art a dream, or a real place? The choice of unusual colors for buildings and backgrounds feel very eerie – like watching a black and white horror movie. They add a really interesting effect! Several of Peter’s works are very subtle gifs – with small moving elements, like someone looking out a curtain, or a vaguely threatening shadow. I’m not sure if I’m reading into them, but the gifs seem to add little clues about the artwork’s theme/story. What do you think?

Check them out

Inspiration this week 🔭

Relax with cats and soups

  • Ambient gaming with a dash of kawaii

You can’t eat them, but you can knit them

  • Culinary knitting is awesome

Neon lights and rainy streets

  • Who doesn’t love them?

I’d slow down to stare at this house

  • Rustic + modern vibes collide

Tools this week 🔧

Classifieds* 📰

Creator Economy News 🎙️

  • Customers will be able to buy your products directly in Instagram DM’s. It’s a fantastic opportunity to close sales directly in the chat, rather than sending customers an external link. Get the details
  • Spotify is testing the idea of selling live tickets directly to fans – putting it in direct competition with industry giants like Ticketmaster. With Spotify’s in app recommendation popups, it will be interesting to see if this works. Hopefully, there will be a way to create targeted ads to your fans with tickets to shows! Find out more.
  • Meta is shutting down its Live Shopping initiatives for Facebook, a possible bad sign for the trend in the West. Will Live shopping catch on in popularity like it has in China? It’s not looking good. Examine the deets

David’s Hot Take 🌶

When working on a project, lo-fi music often finds its way into our headphones. Yeah – it’s chill and fun to listen to, but why does it help us concentrate so well? As Jessica Stillman writes, “Lo-fi wraps you in predictable, soft sound, protecting your thinking from the unpredictable and harsh outside world. That helps you relax and focus. You get more done as a result.” Those predictable sounds are great for letting your brain focus on the task at hand – rather than get distracted by vocals or drum solos. There’s also an element of nostalgia at play – those vinyl or cassette tape sounds that make us wistful for “the old days.” It’s a fascinating idea – read this research paper for more details. Lo-fi is like drinking hot coffee and sitting in a warm blanket – it’s, well, a good thing. The more we can help our brain to relax while fighting the daily grind – the better I say! My personal favorite blend of nostalgia and relaxation is Lo-fi for Ghosts, a fantastic mix that always seems to put me in a good mood. Do you have the perfect mix that puts you straight into the zone?

Dall-e Prompt 🤖

What can Dall-e create for us today? Today’s prompt is “A Cartoon Render of an crowded alley in New York City late at night, where food carts are lined up on both sides, selling hot dogs, pretzels, and hot cups of coffee.” I do want to know how Dall-e decided to include walking pretzels!

That’s all for this week!

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