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Issue 49: Meet Our Winners

Aug 8, 2022

Written by Nir

The WINNERS are here for the Creative Brew contest! Thank you to everyone who created something awesome! You showed off a lot of talent this time around, and it shows. From music to art, video and gaming, we got to see a lot of fascinating ideas emerge from the Electronic Emotions prompt. Also – Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote this week! Let’s meet the winners, shall we?

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Creator worth knowing ✨

How few elements do you actually need to convey the idea of something? It’s always an interesting question to consider – especially when it comes to logos or other small designs. Modern design trends calls for a minimalist approach – such as the new Staples or Zapier logo. Take this cat for example – it’s defined by just a few elements – ears, nose, and the tail – but it still communicates the idea that it’s a cat.

Neg Kitty

George Bokhua is a logo designer with a eye for “simplicity and cleanliness” in his work. With an emphasis on black, white, and grey colors – it’s amazing how much he’s able to capture with just a few lines. His Instagram has examples of what look to be his pen and pencil linework – which gives a fascinating insight into how he’s able to capture the designs. The cat above? It’s comprised of one line – plus three for the eyes and nose. I never would have thought to process an illustration like that! The more you look at his illustrations – the fewer lines you see.

Check them out

Inspiration this week 🔭

You’d buy these day one

  • if only Teenage Engineering made these

What if Pokemon were balloons?

  • Once you see it, it all makes sense

A musical campfire awaits

  • the chillest music game you’ve ever seen

If only more architecture was like this refuge

  • It fits in beautifully with the surrounding forest

Tools this week 🔧

Classifieds* 📰

Thought-Provoking 💭

David’s Hot Take 🌶

Finding a job in today’s market can be challenging. What are you doing to set your resume/portfolio apart from others? The key is to practice and build. For example – if I wanted to get a job writing a newsletter for a big tech company – I’d show them examples from Creative Brew and The Land of Random that would be relevant to to the job description. I’d also point them in the direction of some of the articles I’ve written regarding curation – or create a video demonstration of my writing process. If you plan to be looking for a job within the next 2 months – or two years, the best time to start building is NOW. Want to be a 3D Animator for a gaming company? Start animating 3D models and upload them to a portfolio. Want to design game maps? Boot up Unreal Engine and start building your own. The first step is to use a tool like Excalidraw or Kinopio to ideate the various skills you want to learn – and the steps you want to take to master the way. As you master those skills – seek out mentors on platforms like Indiehackers or Facebook groups who can give you sound advice. Mentors really make a huge difference!

Dall-e Prompt 🤖

What can Dall-e create for us today? Today’s prompt is “A 3D Digital Render of a Robot’s first emotional Expression.” Feels like the algorithm really got it right, doesn’t it? Does that mean the algorithm understands emotion . . . hmmmm. . . .

That’s all for this week!

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