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Issue 47: Electronic Emotions

Jul 25, 2022

Written by Nir

Pick up the pens, pencils, tablets, and keyboards – it’s time for another Creative Brew contest. The theme is Electronic Emotions and we can’t wait to see what you create. You can submit art, music, poetry, a game – whatever medium you’d like! You have until 10 PM PST on July 31 to submit your entry. So – start grinding the beans and brewing the coffee – because it’s time to get creating. Let’s see what sort of electric emotions get crackling from that next cup of coffee, shall we? Discover all the details in the events channel on our Discord.


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Creator worth knowing ✨

What does the future hold? No one knows, but we love to dream about it. Whether it’s a futuristic city, or a lone wanderer visiting a forgotten pillar, we can’t help but wonder what the world is like there in the picture. Who is the lone wanderer? What is their connection to it, and those ancient bones?

Deserted Heart

Amir Zand is a very talented digital artist with a zest for the future. Amir’s portfolio is full of amazing pieces, many of them with a common theme – a lone figure or small group looking at something in the distance. Whether a mountain, city, red pillar, or other sight, they all connect you to a greater sense of awe of the unknown. Who is the figure and what is their journey? What does this mountain in the distance represent? All mysteries to ponder.

Check them out

Inspiration this week 🔭

It’s not often that a website asks you to fly a plane

  • Once you begin flying the plane and listening to the ambient sounds, it’s hard to stop exploring. How can you make your website scrolling an experience that evokes joy and wonder?

Now that’s a symphony of beautiful sounds

  • Synthesizers encourage endless experimentation with all their knobs and dials. Dive on into an online synth, like the Cardboard synth – and see where the sounds take you.

Howl’s Moving Castle wants to know who this belongs to

  • I never thought to see a walking apartment building, but it just goes to show how thinking outside the box can really help you uncover some cool ideas. What other stuff can you combine to create something unexpected? A swimming Christmas tree – now there’s an idea . . .

When music, color, and code collide – cool things happen

  • This audiovisualizer on Codepen is jaw dropping. I now have a strong urge to fork it and figure out how to make it an interactive media player so I can play more music through it.

Did we inspire you? Tag our socials – we’d love to see what you made!

Tools this week 🔧

  • Create a blog that’s fast, free, and without all the complicated frills of other platforms.
  • Turn your Discord into a simple help center that’s SEO friendly and publicly accessible.
  • Start drawing your ideas with this simple whiteboard tool. Unlike others – this has a unique way to store multiple pages.

Classifieds* 📰

Creations you HAVE to see 💎

Remind me not to pass this wall mural at night because Vecna is terrifying enough.

Arcade pins so cool you’ll hide your wallet.

I’m sincerely overwhelmed by all these crisp colors

Thought-provoking 💭

Jobs* 💼

David’s Hot Take 🌶

There’s something irresistible about a well packaged product – and yes – I know it has a lot to do with color theory and human psychology – but it’s so hard to resist some sweet packaging. Think of the first iPhone you ever received. Wasn’t it fun opening that crisp box? Apple keeps their products very smooth and minimalist. I recently stumbled across a company called Heybox which has some really bold and colorful boxes with fun typography. Check them out! On the flip side – it’s important to note that fun branding can’t sustain a company on its own. Ugly Drinks was a relatively new entry into the sparkling water vertical – and it closed down operations earlier this year. The typography was fun, the cans were bright – but they couldn’t get the traction they needed against brands like La Croix. It’s a combination of a product that will win consumer’s hearts – and a packaging that will draw their attention. One example here is the Ghost Energy drink which have been growing in popularity – cool packaging and a good product! What are some great packaging that you’ve encountered recently?

Dall-e Prompt 🤖

What can Dall-e create for us today? Today’s prompt is “A busy cafe filled with artists, digital art.” Feel free to reply to this newsletter with a prompt to try – and we may just feature it in this section. 🙂

That’s all for this week!

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