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Issue 46: Cr8 With the Sun

Jul 18, 2022

Written by Nir

The best part about the Summer is all the beautiful sunsets, warm sunlight, and cool breezes. Seriously, what’s better than a cool breeze when it’s really hot outside! One could argue for a good iced coffee, or a can of coffee soda, orrrr – a Frappuccino. (Yes, it’s quite difficult to resist those). I find that the Summer often has a great atmosphere for getting into the creative mood – wouldn’t you agree? I myself recently found the urge to start making music again! Here’s a little exercise I’d like you to try this week. Go outside, sit, and enjoy the last 15 or so minutes of sunlight. What kind of thoughts and emotions do they evoke? Feel free to share on Twitter, or in the Discord!


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Creator worth knowing ✨

Perspective is a really interesting concept. One moment, we see see one idea – but when we flip or invert it, we see something else. When I think of a beautiful flower, I usually just consider the whole flower, or perhaps its petals as a work of natural art. I’ve never considered the idea of using a flower to create works of art!

Natura Insects

Raku Inoue is a very talented artist who creates insects, animals, and more from flowers and other plants. Every one of Raku’s creations evokes a sense of awe. It’s an entirely different perspective that once you see – you won’t forget. The preying mantis above is a fantastic example! You see both the flowers – and the insect. There’s such a careful attention to detail – but also a simplicity that speaks to you as if to say – “with a few hours, maybe I too could make another insect like this.” It’s hard not to spend hours marveling at his creations.

Check them out

Inspiration this week 🔭

These fish prove that coding can be creative

  • Ok – so the fish pond is awesome, but can we get to a full pond? With some floating pond lilys? Could we add the illusion of water?

Mashing up Japanese aesthetic with retro vibes, doge style

  • I now feel the urge to write down a list of aesthetics, and see which of them could unexpectedly pair well. Cyberpunk and the 1920’s?

Ambient sounds that never end

  • Tinkering with procedurally generated music to evoke creative work is a lot of fun. No song is alike – but they all sound familiar – and they never end. Discover the track that inspires you most.

The house that requires a triple take

  • Combining the modern and the mundane can be done – even with humble houses. Take a look around and see what sort of mundane items in your home could be infused with new life.

Did we inspire you? Tag our socials – we’d love to see what you made!

Tools this week 🔧

Classifieds* 📰

Creations you HAVE to see 💎

This 3D cyber kitty is so high def I can almost count the hairs

Some bots look like they shouldn’t be turned back on

The coolest looking mobile game since Townscaper

Thought-provoking 💭

Jobs* 💼

David’s Hot Take 🌶

It’s hard to come up with a personal brand – but rebranding is on an entirely new level. How do you take a brand that may be struggling and give it new life? For example – New Balance went from the “dad shoe” to being mainstream cool with celebrities and Gen-Z, and Champion has made a stunning comeback in recent years. Champion crept back into the limelight with a Supreme partnership, and slowly worked their way back up the fashion ladder. Further down the business pyramid – a lot of creators struggle internally with rebranding, whether its their services, blogs, or simply the name that they use for their business. The trick is figuring out what it is that resonates with your core audience (or audience you’re trying to reach) – and making your brand communicate that effectively. Here at Creative Brew, we’ve had the same discussions as we’ve optimized the newsletter over time – finding out what really resonated with you – the audience. Another key component is collaboration. Collaborate with other creators to establish your brand. New Balance and Champion started with small collaborations before really breaking out into the mainstream. How can you collaborate with others to bring attention to your brand? Who is a creator in your space you can partner with to bring attention to your brand?

That’s all for this week!

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