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Issue 43: Awe and Action

Jun 27, 2022

Written by David Nichols

Did you hear that sound? The coffee is brewing, and it sounds like there’s enough for one good cup. Ah yes, the first cup. It’s always the best cup – except maybe that late night shot of espresso when you’re cranking out the last few hours of a project. Well, pour the cup and pull up a chair – because we’ve got some really cool finds to check out this week. Thanks for your feedback last week! If you didn’t get a chance to check out last week’s issue – we changed up a few sections based on community feedback. Feel free to send us an email if you have any additional thoughts. 🙂 We’ve started a TikTok account to share cool tools and other resources – and you’ll get to see Chris’s lovely face every week. Follow at the link!


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Creator worth knowing ✨

It’s still crazy to think about, but we’re living in a cultural golden age when it comes to anime. There’s thousands of talented creators working on awesome art out there – and Mingdosa has some really great illustrations.


I’ve always been a fan of crisp linework, and this piece is a fantastic example. From her hair to the clouds outside, there’s a ton of rich detail. There’s even the glint of the sun on the driver’s side – and all the shadows you’d expect. It’s very well done! Don’t miss out on checking out Mingdosa’s other artwork. There’s a ton of great stuff!

Check them out

Inspiration this week 🔭

Playing with this math inspired synth looks so much fun

  • This instrument is proof of unbridled creativity

I very much want to live in one of these fantastical homes

  • Seriously, these AI generated rooms look beautiful and SO green

I believe we have a bit of an emergenshiba

  • Sometimes you just need a shiba to get through it

Seeing this in real life would create core memories

  • The Vortex is an incredible interactive exhibit

Tools this week 🔧

Classifieds* 📰

Creations you HAVE to see 💎

The final quest is here. Scale the whale, and fight the final boss in the shrine

I don’t know about you, but I want to be on her side

There’s no snakes on the train, just sick beats

Thought-provoking 💭

Jobs* 💼

David’s Hot Take 🌶

What was the last website you truly went WOW at? This portfolio by Daniel Spatzek is a mindbending experiment in web design. From brutalist fonts to 3D floating bananas, there’s a ton of really fun stuff to explore. There’s even a fullscreen popup if you turn your attention away from the site, promising that there’s a hidden section. (I haven’t found it. Let me know if you do). The really cool part is that Daniel utilizes a ton of traditional portfolio design elements (FAQ, process, previous work) in unexpected ways. You need to check it out! If there’s anything we can count on as creators building websites – it’s that people crave the unexpected, like Daniel’s site or this portfolio from product creators Fromscout. It’s an interactive 3D exploration of the eight products they’ve created so far. On a typical site, we may read one or two – than move on, but on this website – exploring every one is a delightful scroll of 3D wonder. Fromscout and Daniel’s websites encourage the user to spend a ton of time on them – and maybe even take action. What tech company wouldn’t want Daniel’s web design skills, or check out at least one of Fromscout’s cool products? The sites sell the visitor on “awe” value alone. How can you strike awe and action into your website visitor?

That’s all for this week!

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