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Issue 32: Inspiration Each Day Keeps the Creative Block Away

Apr 11, 2022

Written by David Nichols


Good morning friends! What are you brewing up this morning to start your day? I’ve been trying a new blend recently – it combines a medium roast coffee with Chaga and Lion’s Mane mushrooms. It’s really delicious – and has a very rich taste. Last week, we asked for a submission of your favorite gifs in the Discord for feature in our newsletter. Thank you to everyone who sent in a gif! Check down below to see which one we chose. 😄 This week we’ll be chatting about a new topic from today’s newsletter. Hop on into the Discord to join the conversation. See you in there!


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  • Unreal 5 is now widely available for download! It’s going to be absolutely wild to see what game developers and animators are going to come up with. Lumen (a incredibly complex lighting system) and Nanite (geometric detail system) are absolutely going to change the video game world. Look no further than the Unreal Engine 5 demo. So many new features have been added in this version too! Check it out.
  • How well do you keep in touch with your current and potential clients? It can be difficult to keep track of everyone in our funnel. With Nat, you can keep track of your interactions with different contacts, and take notes too! There’s some AI power behind the scenes too – it’ll send you notifications when you haven’t kept in touch with someone. Check it out.
  • Discover new musical ideas with Muted. This colorful little mini music machine is really fun to experiment with. All you have to do is to edit notes and different elements, and get totally different sounds and ideas. There’s no complicated menus to deal with! The most interesting feature is a little “humanize” slider that will introduce different variations to each loop – introducing new ideas with each playthrough. Check it out.
  • One of the most frustrating things about starting a blog is all the initial setup that’s often involved. One look at the backend of WordPress can be overwhelming! There’s a new blogging platform called Mataroa that’s as minimalist as it gets. It’s as simple as typing words as a page! There are additional features like image hosting, subscriptions, analytics, and comments – so you can brand and market it as you see fit. Check it out.
  • Sentiment analysis is an essential part of any business. Who’s talking about your brand or art style? What are people saying? What opportunities can I discover to share my products? Social Buzz is a free social media monitoring website you can use for research and analysis. You can set up email alerts and monitoring too! Check it out.



I’m always amazed at the incredible amount of detail and linework that goes into anime style hair like this work by Cindy Feng. It’s such a cool drawing! While we’re all on the Unreal 5 excitement train, check out this fun video for more amazing demos. Speaking of animation, what about this insanely detailed Batman Lamborghini? I could see the new Batman driving something like this in the next movie. Last week we discussed the importance of creating good creative habits – so why not start with this habit tracking app that doubles as a digital garden? It’s fun and it helps you improve! Need a good challenge? Listen to some vibey synthwave and start this code breaking game to win some prizes – OR – go play some tunes on a public piano near you.




What do you do every day to inspire you? Last week, we discussed what we do each day for our creative passion. Today, we’re looking at how and from who we receive that inspiration. One great practice is to curate your news feeds and social media to keep you inspired in your particular discipline. Enjoy creating 8 bit art? Surround yourself with other artists in the 8 bit niche – and places you can find new tools and techniques! Tools like and Inoreader are great for setting up those information feeds. The second practice is to constantly make connections in your discipline. Where can you make new friends and share what you’ve been working on? The key is creating authentic connection and friendship – as opposed to thinking “what can this person do for me.” Whether you are like to make friends on social media – or you enjoy going to meetups irl, it’s crucial for growth that you make connections. We recommend hopping into the Creative Brew Discord as a great place to start!

That’s all for this week!

Thanks for the gif Paperplainer! 🙂

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