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Oh! You found Arabica!

Ancient Egyptians believed cats were magical, capable of bringing good luck to the people who housed them. As a reward for being curious, below you will find something special the community has done.

The Anniversary Collab

Creative Brew was birthed October 25, 2020.
Handpicked community members with varying art styles came together to create a single piece that represents them in the Creative Brew Universe for the 1 Year Anniversary.
This piece is filled with OC’s, easter eggs, jokes, and memorable moments from the times past!


A special thank you to those that contributed


Eritehia – Creative Director/Background artist

Lazy Nodisco Pandoodly Glozzas Yoepvond BuriedInSnow Diana Tamarind Mrs_Freaky Carp Pixel_Guardian

Griesmeel TheLandofRandom (drawn by Yoepvond) – Itarow Kernal (drawn by Mrs_Freaky) – IntrovertedUSB (drawn by BuriedInSnow) – Kerb Zicon (drawn by Tamarind) – Nir Chris (drawn by Eritehia)