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Diverse community of creators that support, collaborate, inspire, and push each other. We regularly host creative events on discord.

🌎 About Community

Creative Brew is a community of motivated creators trading advice and support in the creator economy. We believe the creator economy is still in its infancy, and as technology progresses we will see a dramatic shift in how brands, business, and workers engage with Creators. Above all else we want our community to learn from each other, and together work towards empowering creators to live happier and fulfilled lives. 

Creative Brew prioritizes artistic diversity; and its community members are a true reflection of that. Housing and celebrating a range of different skills, we believe in the principles found in the Medici Effect:

Bringing highly diverse creators together with different skill sets allows for a free flowing exchange of ideas and experiences. Creators can apply new ideas derived from other crafts in seemingly new and interesting ways; or choose to cross-collaborate with others to make something that otherwise would be difficult alone.

📧 About Newsletter

A free weekly (every monday) email newsletter for motivated Creators. Featuring news to learn from, tools to try, and remarkable people in the creator economy that inspire you to take action. 

The Creator economy is ever-expanding and changing quickly, our goal is to give you the necessary bits that matter – we understand you are busy making things, and we want to enhance your process, and potentially help you reach your goals along the way. 

The Creative Brew Newsletter is authored by David (@landofrandom), a talented writer and internet treasure hunter. Searching the depths of the internet for cutting-edge need to knows, useful tools, and inspiring content for creators.

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Creator economy news, inspiration, and tools for motivated creators. Every Monday.

    💖 About Arabica (Mascot)

    Arabica, named aptly after the Arabica coffee bean, is the resident mascot for Creative Brew.

    Black cats are both extremely common yet mystic creatures. Ancient Egyptians believed cats were magical, capable of bringing good luck to the people who housed them. Much like the members of Creative Brew, cats are two sided, both loving and affectionate, but also predators. A black cat represents a lot of the struggle of creators, both talented yet oftentimes misunderstood.

    If you’re lucky, you can find Arabica hidden in various areas around Creative Brew; spotting her is an indication of good luck!

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