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    The newsletter is an amazing place to find new tools and amazing inspirations! I've been here from the start and it only keeps getting bigger and better. I'm very excited to see what the future of this newsletter holds.

    James Vanas

    A neat newsletter centered around art, design, and making nice things. My cup of tea!

    Allen M

    Check out @creativebrewx its a fun newsletter full of inspirational artists and advice. I had my doubts but they have a sampler and they do good work and its free.


    Excited to learn more after reading their sample newsletter. Highly recommended for artists out there for inspiration and other cool stuff! 


    My favorite aspect of the newsletter has to be the sources for different assets it provides. It helped me to reduce the creative block on projects I've had.

    "Inspiration is the most valuable currency, if you can inspire someone to do something, they can move mountains."

    Markiplier, YouTuber

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